The dew-point driven heating and cooling control system

GEO1 is an innovative product of room temperature regulation for surface heating and cooling systems. GEO1 is able to surpass conventional patchwork surface cooling control systems because of the following functions:  

continuously measures the humidity and temperatures and determines the dew-point in all rooms;

permanently regulates the dew-point dependent system temperature;

able to learn the user and building specifics;

pleasing to the eye due to modern design and high-quality materials;

is proven to be simple to install and internationally safe.   

GEO1 makes surface cooling safe, reliable and easy to use. The all-in-one functionality of GEO1 has raised the bar on atmospheric environment regulation and combines all of these functions into its three-part kit. Even in markets where there are humid climates, this system fulfils the key tasks of a surface cooling system. The modern design fits into any sophisticated interior design and room setup. Furthermore, we have followed our premise – form follows function – rigorously during the development of the GEO1. Comfort is a must. Of course, our GEO1 is also remotely maintainable.