Simple + Persistent

The GeoClimaDesign system is a kit and is made up of perfectly coordinated units which can easily be assembled after being delivered directly to the site. Within one-family housing, the GeoClimaDesign system is also popular because of how easy it is to assemble thanks to its detailed and comprehensive assembly plans.  

The GeoClimaDesign system is adjustable to any heating and cooling generator and it is also a long-sighted precaution considering that the oil or gas vessel can later be traded for a more modern technology. Many customers initially install a capillary tube system in order to be prepared to later trade their existing boiler for a more economical investment such as solar heat or a heat pump.  

Persistence is a very special idea behind the GeoClimaDesign system because it is solely made up of corrosion resistant materials. The comprised materials are PP, bronze, red brass, stainless steel.

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