Radiant Heat

The advantages of radiant heat compared to convections / radiator heating:

Energy savings are independent of the heat generator. It does not matter if it is on the basis of wood or gas, or CO2-free energy generation, radiant heat is a guarantee for energy savings. Everyone knows the term “felt air temperature”. The felt temperature is not only dependent upon the measured air temperature but also upon relative humidity and air circulation. So its application is feasible in open areas or closed rooms. Radiant heat makes it possible that all room surface areas emit direct or indirect heat radiation. The temperature dissipation within a room is especially consistent other than with radiator or air heating where an overheating of the upper area of the room or a draught along on the floor of the room prevail. Studies concerning comfortableness have proven that the difference between the felt temperature of radiator heat and radiant heat is roughly 2°C. This means, that 21°C room temperature with radiant heat is perceived as 23°C room temperature with radiators. In the reverse this means, that an area can be heated 2°C lower with the same felt temperature level. This saves about 12% energy (6%/°C at a temperature level of 20°C)  

Energy savings via low heat loss by outer walls.  Especially in lesser insulated buildings, the enormous loss of heat is due to the large temperature differences between the radiators (over 50°) and the outer walls. This can be avoided with a radiant heating. The surface heating unit is installed within the floors or ceilings of buildings that are historically preserved and/or not sufficiently insulated.  

Energy savings for selected energy generators. The system related savings potential pertains to thermal value equipment (gas and oil), solar heating / solar backup heating and heat pump systems / geothermal systems. For these heat generators, the degree of efficiency (COP – Coefficient of Performance) is higher, the lower the system temperature of the heat dissipation system. The thermal value effect is used to the maximum and heat pumps work with better performance numbers as well as with better seasonal performance factors.  

The excellent level of comfort and the invisibility are just two more reasons for the implementation of a surface heating within your home or commercial building.    


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