Old and New Buildings

The light-weight and low unit height of the capillary tube system make it ideal for post-installation. It was also designed, next to the well-known direct burial into screed, for existing floor installation within particularly thin surfaces (8 mm incl. grouting component) and can even be installed within the dry wall.  

Historical preservation and energy efficiency are not contradictory and are perfectly combined by applying the GeoClimaDesign system. It is often the case that historically preserved buildings have a high heat requirement because they cannot be insulated like any other standard building. The GeoClimaDesign system is able to fulfil this key function and simultaneously be energy efficient. Even when high performance transfer is desired, the flow temperature is still low. Because of this, the GeoClimaDesign system paves the way for making heat pumps economical within existing buildings.  

In new buildings, the capillary tube system offers comfort, energy efficiency and last but not least an increase in total floor area. It is ultra-thin and consequently offers additional ceiling height and/or additional usage space in the case of panel heaters. This immense potential for increasing total floor area can be seen especially within tall buildings.   


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