Heating and Cooling

The capillary tube system is both a heating as well as a cooling system. No other surface heating system can so gracefully fulfil this dual function, independent of floor, wall or ceiling installation. The cooling of larger surfaces is the healthiest way to cool. There is no noise, no draught and no dust. Moreover, capillary cooling has a very low energy consumption when compared to air conditioning units. The relatively high system temperatures allow for efficient cooling operation not only for refrigerating machines but also for air-to-water heat pumps for heating and cooling. The GeoClimaDesign system is planned and supplied as both a 2 and 4 conductor system, depending on which requirements are desired from simultaneous heating and cooling operation within a specific project.  

The Geo1 room controller services the control function for heating and cooling. Geo1 regulates the room temperature during the heating process as well as the dew-point driven system temperature during the cooling process.  

The total investment costs for heating and cooling technology sink even further due to the dual function of heating and cooling. Not only the operator and user of the building benefit from the capillary tube system for heating and cooling because of its energy saving ability but also the investor because of its cost efficiency. This cost advantage is especially true for rental objects or other such objects in which the investor does not directly profit from the energy efficiency. The capillary tube heating and cooling system increases the value of the building due to its energy efficiency and its high class of comfort. 


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