Geo + Solar

A low flow temperature is a prerequisite for heat pump efficiency. The performance number of the heat pumps / COP (Coefficient of Performance) is normally designated based on the heat emission system temperature of 35°C:  “W35”. The capillary system undercuts this temperature: within the standard new building at “W28”, within the passive house at “W26”. COP and the seasonal performance factor of each class of heat pump system improve in this manner.    

A high cooling flow temperature allows for complimentary cooling with geothermal energy. The flow temperatures for cooling are set at 16/18°C for Central Europe and are glidingly regulated depending upon the dew-point. In regions with relatively high humidity, we also set the flow temperatures glidingly depending upon the dew-point.  A vertical geothermal probe or a well supplies an adequately low source temperature for 100 % natural cooling without any additional auxiliary energy. Only the circulation pump is supplied electrically.

Dual operation of heating and cooling is especially reasonable within the application of geothermal probes. During the summer, the source for winter operation is additional heated in order to have high source temperatures available during the winter. Vice versa heating operation provides for a potential increase of the source during the summer. This thermal revitalization of geothermal collectors is the guarantee for a dependable and thermally stable long-term use of geothermal probes. In the future, this aspect will gain meaning especially for inner-city geothermal applications. 


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