Capillary Tube System

The capillary tube system is the next generation of aquiferous surface heating and cooling systems for integration into construction elements such as flooring, walls or ceilings. This makes heat transfer possible over a large surface. The heat emission during the heating mode supplies a comfortable radiant heat. The heat absorption in the cooling mode supplies an effective and comfortable silent cooling.

The tube spacing makes the difference, when it comes to temperature dissipation within the construction element and its surface. The spacing also determines the efficiency of the total heating and cooling capacity transferred. The smaller the tube spacing the more capacity can be achieved. Due to closely tube spacing of the capillary tube system as well as the parallel arranging of the tubes for supply and return, the required heating capacity can be transferred using especially low heating temperatures and the required cooling capacity is transferred using especially high cooling temperatures. The capillary tube system is, therefore, the most efficient surface heating and cooling system with high radiation and increased capacity potential.   

Capillary tube system can produce more capacity than thick tube meanders. And, this is done using low flow temperatures. It also has a greater exchanger surface. All of which is explained using the following specifications:   


Heating                            Height of Assembly/Diameter         Tube Spacing            Flow temperature            Capacity W/m²

Thick tube meander *       16 – 20 mm                                  approx. 150 mm        35 °C – 40°C                  40 - 50 W/m²        

Capillary Tube Mat*          3.6 – 4.5 mm                                10 – 30 mm              28°C  – 30 °C                  80 - 100 W/m² 


*Example underfloor heating. Values differ from type of building and flooring.

Quick preheating is an advantage of the GeoClimaDesign systems compared to the thickly covered thick tube meanders. This system function is influential especially within multi-functional rooms such as communal rooms or combined bed and living rooms as well as for rooms with a lot of natural light. The capillary system is the ideal parquet and/or floor board heating system for thick high-quality wooden floors because of low system temperatures required and its consistent dissipation. Any plaster can be used in perfect combination with the capillary tube system and can be thinly and easily applied. The even heat dissipation and the low delta T between the ambient air and the system temperature make it the perfect in-plaster heating. Constructors who work with loam are specifically fascinated by the capillary tube system because of how the hygroscopic properties ideally support the loam rendering. 


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