In China Energy Efficiency counts

In China energy efficiency counts and renewable energy plays a much larger role than in other countries and regions around the world. The Chinese economic and energy policy is banking on innovation. Investors, planners, architects from China are interested in systems that not only save 5% or 8 % of energy, but also in those that have an energy saving potential of up to 92 %. Because the GeoClimaDesign system can supply such energy efficiency, especially investors from China are interested in our products and engineering services.

For the Chinese innovation policy “Made in Germany” is a guarantee for advancement and reliability. Our partners in China appreciate our technical engineering competences and our leading product quality. With our know-how, and our supply potential, we are in the position to supply our Chinese specialized partners, trade partners and investors with top quality and durable system technology.

Because of the climatic variety China has to offer, with its fluctuating humidity, we supply all of our systems with a 100% dew-point controlled system temperature regulator. For this specific task, we have created the Geo1 heating/cooling regulator. The Geo1 is guaranteed for wide range and durable application of capillary tube systems in China as well as, for example, in Arabic countries and other regions.  

Through our subsidiary GeoClimaDesign China ltd., our products and engineering services are at the disposal of our Chinese customers. 

EXPO Shanghai

GeoClimaDesign AG is a partner of the German Energy Center and College (GECC) in Shanghai. The competence centre for energy efficiency and renewable energy technology was built, in expectancy of the EXPO Shanghai 2010, on the same property as the German Centre Shanghai (German Centre for Industry and Trade Shanghai Co. ltd).  For the time of the EXPO 2010 and, hopefully for the coming years, the GeoClimaDesign AG, as one of the German partners of the GECC GmbH constructor, supports the transfer of knowledge via technology information towards interested parties from China. In the German Energy Center and College, selected top products and technologies from German companies are presented. The energy efficiency technologies particularly serve the EXPO motto „better city - better live“. With an exhibition and reality based trainings, GeoClimaDesign AG communicates application know-how to customers and their specialised personnel. This makes it possible for us to quickly market new technology ‘Made in Germany’ worldwide as well as to reinforce the bilateral economic relations through the exporting of our products and engineering services to China.