Spreemühle Fürstenwalde – A treasure trove of historic preservation

Spreemühle Fürstenwalde is home to the largest water mill of the Spree which was constructed from 1837 to 1899 and served as a flour mill well into the 1990s. Today it is home to the businesses of GeoClimaDesign AG and Energie-Effizienz-Zentrum with CO2-free building heating and cooling.

This unique industrial monument was renovated as well as energetically modernised with the upmost in departmental expertise and precision. The historical facade of this building consisting of red bricks and extraordinary glazed brick strips was restored to its original glory. By making use of the highest professionalism in restoration and by choosing materials of the highest quality, Spreemühle regained once again its historical splendour. The old crown even found its old resting place again. Windows, gates, roof and outdoor installations are not only true to the times but also part of the energy efficient renovation of the object. The former water wheels once used to power the mill were originally located in the left part of the building. A new water wheel will be located here, but on the left of the gable wall. This is to help return some of the old honour to the historical function of the industrial monument. On the one hand the water wheel serves to generate electricity from hydro power, a completely CO2-free operating power for the heat pump system which supplies the entire building with heating and cooling. Spreemühle Fürstenwalde is, therefore, a historical building with a zero-energy balance (heating/cooling) and is also a prime example of being able to combine historic preservation with energy efficiency. The Spreemühle Fürstenwalde is a beacon of sustainable building renovation in Germany, Europe and the world. Europe has an impressive amount of historic urban and rural buildings which need to be used and modernized, preserved and sustained.  Spreemühle Fürstenwalde is the future when it comes to energy concepts for living, business, and industrial buildings.