Capillary Tube System as Ceiling Heating and Cooling within Dry Wall

Ceiling Heating and Cooling within Dry Wall


Installation. The installation onto the dry wall construction board of the suspended ceiling is one of the more popular applications. Quick and flexible installation is combined with high heating and cooling capacity. All necessary ceiling systems can easily be taken into consideration. The thinnest of ceiling void also offers a perfect level of installation for all feeds. Therefore, it is possible to retrospectively install the system, room per room, at a later time which is the ideal solution for existing buildings. The dry wall installer will also receive, along the mat plan, complete planning documentation.    


Advantage over thick tube meanders in the ceiling:

considerably lighter weight – without heat conducting profiles;

simple and quick installation;

optimised feed installation within ceiling void;

high capacity output 


Technical Data  

Capacity heating / cooling: set for heat requirement / cooling requirement with the corresponding most energy efficient flow temperatures          

Mat installation height: 3.35 mm  

Element installation height: no additional loss of height  

Plasterboard materials: all conventional plasterboard types  

COP plus (performance number increase heat pump/heating): Heat pump producer should adjust to allow for the improved performance number (COP) of W30, W28 or W26 depending on the project.

COP plus (performance number increase heat pump/cooling): complimentary cooling by connecting to wells or probes is possible. For surface collector or air-water heat pump, make enquiries at your heat pump producer as to W16.



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