Capillary Tube System as Ceiling Heating and Cooling - Suspended Ceiling

Suspended Ceiling


Installation. Suspended ceilings can be implemented in various forms and using various materials because they are constructed using light and flexible capillary mats which have been easily adapted to the structural requirements. It does not matter if the requirements are curving or straight, with or without insulation, free floating or fixed to a substructure, anything is possible. The concentration of capacity output for a defined surface guarantees low energy consumption. The total unique installation can combine quiet cooling with convective capacity liberation for an extremely high total capacity. The mobile form guarantees further application even in the remodelling of rooms and work stations      


Advantages over suspended ceilings with copper meanders:

considerably lighter and more flexible;

highest capacity output in combination with convective elements;

optimum energy balance;

quick heating behaviour;

highly flexible planning – individually designable    


Technical Data  

Capacity heating / cooling: set for heat requirement / cooling requirement with the corresponding most energy efficient flow temperatures          

Mat installation height: 3.35 mm  

Element installation height: 10 mm – 60 mm  

Suspended ceiling materials: metal, plastic, wood, epoxy resin as well as other materials



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