Capillary Tube System as Ceiling Heating and Cooling - Concrete Core Activation / Precast Decks

Concrete Core Activation / Precast Decks


Installation. The application within precast decks uses the accumulator mass of the floor slab for a rather high capacity transfer and also guarantees respectable heating periods. Because of the 50 – 60 mm thick precast deck panels, it is possible to use any fitting type upon the prefabricated concrete floor without running the risk of harming the system. The mat fields are adapted to fit the precast deck elements by using custom-fit planning.     


Advantages over thick tube meanders in the precast decks:

quick installation;

highest capacity output;

considerably faster reaction through close-room installation;

entire ceiling surface open to fittings  


Technical Data  

Capacity heating / cooling: set for heat requirement / cooling requirement with the corresponding most energy efficient flow temperatures          

Mat installation height: 4.5 mm  

Additional element height: none  

Concrete materials: all concrete types  

COP plus (performance number increase heat pump/heating): Heat pump producer should adjust to allow for the improved performance number (COP) of W30, W28 or W26 depending on the project.

COP plus (performance number increase heat pump/cooling): complimentary cooling by connecting to wells or probes is possible. For surface collector or air-water heat pump, make enquiries at your heat pump producer as to W16.



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