Capillary Tube System as Ceiling Heating and Cooling - Concrete Core Activation / In-situ Concrete

Concrete Core Activation / In-situ Concrete


Installation. The use within in-situ concrete combines the advantages of building mass with high capacity incorporation and truly fast heating behaviour within new buildings. By having installation done directly upon the form boards, installation can be quickly implemented and incorporates all ceiling elements intended. The capillary tube mat is located directly on the underside of the ceiling, after the placing of concrete, and immediately transfers its capacity to the room when started up. The low installation height and interior stability of the capillaries are the reasons that this type of installation is at all possible. Conventional thick tube meanders must be fitted far too deep within the concrete and have only half of the capacity output.  


Advantage over thick tube meanders in the ceiling:

quickest installation time;

highest capacity output;

fast heat behaviour through direct room contact;

highly flexible planning  


Technical Data  

Capacity heating / cooling: set for heat requirement / cooling requirement with the corresponding most energy efficient flow temperatures          

Mat installation height: 4.5 mm  

Additional element height: none  

In-situ concrete materials: all concrete types  

COP plus (performance number increase heat pump/heating): Heat pump producer should adjust to allow for the improved performance number (COP) of W30, W28 or W26 depending on the project.

COP plus (performance number increase heat pump/cooling): complimentary cooling by connecting to wells or probes is possible. For surface collector or air-water heat pump, make enquiries at your heat pump producer as to W16.



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